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Yum! That looks fantastic. My dinner is going to be very unsatisfactory now.

Kat & Satoshi

That looks great...was it his punishment for "losing" the snowman building contest??


Hmmmmm...looks yummy. We're having a bit of ice and snow today and it would be so wonderful to have that udon right now!!!!!! Lucky you....


Hi Amy - Looks fab! And dashi from scratch; that does take a bit of effort. How nice.


Mmm...tell Hideaki that he's welcome to come to my house anytime and make us some nabeyaki udon anytime. I'm drooling over here in Minnesota. I think that means it's time for lunch!


Thanks for the comments- I'm going to make my husband read them all, and hope it encourages him to cook more often!

Lisa--In a Nutshell

Hi there--

That looks GOOD! I wish we had thin sheets of fried tofu here in San Diego... or maybe we do...I'll have to check Ranch 99...would they be in the refrigerated section? And I've never had boy choy (I will!), but if there's a more beautiful vegetable, I've yet to see it...

I just discovered your blog at foodpornwatch...


Looks nice! I really like your donabe. Chingensai in udon is a new combination to me. Good idea :D


Lisa, bok choy should be fairly easy to find, and I'm sure you can find abura-age in a Japanese or Asian market, in the refrigerated section.

Obachan, I bought that nabe just after I got married, it was the first one I saw in the first shop I looked. I had no idea there were so many styles to choose from, but somehow I was lucky- I really like this one and if it ever breaks I want to buy one just like it.


Oh my goodness !
I definitely so love your blog ! Such a bowl of fresh japanese scents and flavors...
I miss this country so much. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to virtually travel back there almost once a day ;)
I didn't learn all I had to learn from these people and culture and I'm so grateful to the internet for that... and to you off course ! You lucky girl !
I'm reading your adventures since a little while now but I couldn't remain silent further on.
What a wonderful experience to find love in a different country than your birth country..;
I'm sometimes jealous of all these men and women in loving-exile... lol ;)
This nabeyaki udon seems so delicious it makes me wanna cook one !
So I'm going to pick up the recipe of your husband even though I don't have the pot and the portable gas...
Thank you very much !
Ciao !


Guess what I'm having for dinner tonight!

Wonderful dish, one of my favorite comfort foods, beautiful presentation.

Well done!

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